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It is often said that if the technology behind it is complex, why it is called Blockchain? In a simple language, Blockchain is just a chain of blocks and when the concoction of two words “block” and ”chain” are taken together, it simply means the digital information (the block) which is stored in a public database (the chain).

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The Blocks consists of a digital pieces of information on the blockchain and have three parts:

  1. Information like the date, time, and dollar amount you recently purchased from any e-commerce portal(e-commerce is taken as an example here) are stored in blocks.
  2. Blocks keep information about all the participants taking part in transactions. Here, your real name is not used in the data, instead your purchase is recorded via using a ‘digital signature’, which is sort of a username.
  3. The information is stored in blocks in a manner that it distinguishes them from other blocks. Each block has a unique code called ‘hash’ that allows to keep information apart from every other block.

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What are the advantages of Blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized form to keep records without any boundaries. Ranging from user privacy to security to lower processing fees, Blockchain technology is a great example for applications. Here are a few advantages of blockchain :

  • It provides crystal clear technology.
  • Transactions on this platform are secure, efficient and confidential.
  • Because of decentralization factor it is next to impossible to tamper it.
  • It helps in cost reduction by eliminating the use of third-party verification.
  • It helps in improving accuracy by eliminating human involvement in verification.

What are the selling points of blockchain in businesses in market?

 Accuracy of the chain

The transactions done on the blockchain network have received approval through a network of over thousands or millions of system. This would help in reducing involvement of human in the verification process.

 Cost reductions

Generally, customers have to pay a bank for verifying a transaction. Therefore, with blockchain technology, it eliminates the need of a third-party leading to cost reduction.


No information is stored in the Blockchain in a central location, rather, the blockchain is spread across numerous computers.When there is an addition of a new block to the blockchain, each computer on the network updates its blockchain. Instead of storing the information in one central database, and spreading it across numerous networks, blockchain makes it impossible to tamper with

Efficient transactions

Transactions done on  a central authority takes a few days to process. In financial institutions, transactions are done on business hours, five days a week, and seven days a week. Transactions done on the blockchain network are done in a few minutes and are secured in a few hours.


On the blockchain network, personal information is kept private meaning that a blockchain network can be easily modify the code as they see fit. Keeping the information on the blockchain open source makes it difficult to tamper the data.

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